The poetry of shadows, the rhythm of my breath, and memories of home inspire me. Shadow, breath, and memory inhabit fluidly within the spaces of absence and presence, the seen and the unseen, the acknowledged and the unacknowledged.

          Shadows are formed through the absence of light. Often regarded secondary to the object, but only through the shadows is the reality of the form affirmed. Memories are a shadow of time—a moment of life, through the passage of time, becomes absent in the ‘now.’ A breath, the inhale and the exhale, is a constant cycle of emptying and filling, pulling in and pushing out. On the most intimate scale it echoes the rising and lowering tides and the moon’s orbit around the Earth. As does the moon, light follows the guidelines of Earth’s gravity. In the presence of its power it bends and moves. The power creates a rhythm, and they dance in space and time.

          Nature peacefully and joyfully flourishes in these paradoxes and I humbly search, observe, and discover. The discovered image, I invite into another reality—through paint, onto the canvas. But why must I come back to the canvas: the rectangle, the frame? Some say we must run away from restrictions, break out of the box, and be ‘free.’ I find freedom in the discipline of the boundaries—the boundaries of the body, the mind, and of the canvas. The light to its shadows, the exhale to the inhale, the moments in time to its memories—in the subtle tension of the dualities of reality, I dance with Nature.