I wandered,

and I paused


Every stop there was another you


I chased the unknown

layered with hazes of enticing hues


I closed my eyes

to remember your touch

Your tickle, your smile

Your gentle stroke, 

it must be love


I kept moving in circles

Caught but not anxious

So full, yet so emptied

Sweet peace, such deep affection


Falling, oh falling

deeper than I imagined

I have no control 

over the gravity on my heart


Deciding to let loose

go to the places

carried by your blues


With no walls and no roof

No place to hide under

No shelter but you


Like my dreams I never remember

Maybe a fantasy,

abandoned but true


Growing our faith,

so deeply anchored

Your smile, so tasteful

Blossoms in me,

oh how it lingers


If I do, and I must, let go all that I trust

let it be all of me

but not you, not us.